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Product Data Sheet

Ideal for re-coating rubber, aluminium or fibreglass, RV Roof Aid™ is an elastomeric liquid that can be applied in thick films, producing a durable membrane-like coating over all types of rigid and flexible substrates.

The aliphatic urethane chemistry ensures an easy to clean surface, and is easily applied with a squeegee, foam roller and brush. The product will also self-level to produce a smooth glossy film on the finished surface.

Mixing Directions

  1. Add part B into Part A incrementally and mix using a drill mixer.
  2. Use a rubber spatula to scrape all of the material from sides and bottom of container B.
  3. Use spatula to scrape sides of mixed container to ensure that the entire contents are mixed uniformly.
    (Do not take more than a few minutes on this procedure since the chemical reaction starts immediately, and the mixed product must be applied within 60 minutes)
  4. Once applied to a surface the available working time is an additional 2 hours.
  5. Only mix one container at a time, and then apply before mixing another.
  6. Overlaps will still blend in if application is within 2 hours of previous one.

Application Instructions

Surface Prep:
  • Surface should be dry and free of dirt or oil or other contaminants.
  • Smooth metal and fiberglass surfaces should be sanded lightly to improve adhesion.
  • Ambient temperature must be 50°F or higher.
  • Prepare surface prior to mixing product.
  • Prime Substrate with Proflex Primer® F1500 Clear. Allow primer to cure 2-3 days prior to application of RV Roof Aid™. If you wait longer than 3 days you will need to sand the Proflex Primer® F1500 Clear prior to applying RV Roof Aid™.
  • Mixed product can be poured onto surface in a serpentine pattern, then spread using a rubber edged squeegee followed by rolling with a short nap roller.
  • Product will self-level but can be applied to sloped and vertical surface using a roller.
  • A brush can be used for small areas.

How much RV Roof Aid™ to Use?

RV Roof Aid’s™ unique formulation produces a tough yet flexible membrane in one coat. The resulting membrane thickness is determined by the spreading rate i.e. the number of square feet of surface that were coated from one gallon of product. For best appearance and durability a thickness range of 20-40mm is recommended.

Desired Membrane Thickness
  • 2mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
Spread Rate (per Litre)
  • 26m²
  • 17.5m²
  • 13.3m²

Example: To coat 30m² of roof at a thickness of 2mm would require 1.16 litres of RV Roof Aid™

Note: A cured RV Roof Aid™ film should not be top coated without first sanding the old surface to improve inter coat adhesion. A dry edge should also be sanded before overlapping with wet material.

Care & Maintenance

Periodically check and remove from your roof surface any debris, i.e. pine needles, leaves or twigs. You should clean your RV Roof Aid™ roof twice a year with a solution of detergent and water.

Product Data

  • Material
  • Solids
  • Weight / Litre
  • VOC
  • Pot Life
  • Cure Time
  • Aliphatic Urethane with modifiers
  • 96.1% by volume
  • 1.23Kgs
  • 29g /litre
  • 90mins at 21°C, after mixing
  • 8 Hours at 21°C
Additional Notes on Curing

This is a polyurethane product that is nearly 100% solids, and can therefore be applied in thick films. Although the product will cure, even when thick, it will develop trapped gas bubbles within.

Urethanes produce CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas as a by-product of the chemical reaction that converts liquid to solid. If the applied film is 30mm or less thick, the gas is able to escape and produce a smooth and glossy finish. Heavier films will trap some of the gas, resulting in a dimple surface, as well as bubbles within the film.

To achieve a smooth & glossy film, apply at 30mm or less, or add solvent (Methyl Ethyl Ketone, up to 20% by volume) to reduce viscosity.


Download the RV Roof Aid Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF, 35Kb)